Monday Mornings

Do I dare confess I love Mondays? Another day,…another chance to make a difference,…what’s not to love?

I know, I know rainy days and Mondays are suppose to get you down,…but what a waste if that were so. It’s gotta rain sometime for plants to grow and Mondays roll around each week,…rain or shine.

No rainy Monday here today,…it’s actually crisp and cool with a golden glow shining through the trees. The rest of Monday is promising to be hot with record temps! 98 degrees for September? Seriously!

However the afternoon is hours away and I am not about to let the threat of those temps rob the joy in this moment! Deliciously cool with the day unwritten,…even as I tap this post out upon my smartphone!

Isn’t it nice how the Lord eases us into each day with majestic skies, bird song in glorious chorus, and a tranquil peace only broken when our “business” kicks into gear?

That’s been an added blessing of having a puppy in the house,…lots of early mornings, and some late nights, too with starlit skies and ever changing moon.

Notice how the sun NEVER changes? It’s always hot in September from our geographical angle on earth! Mondays always roll around, too,…don’t they?

Busy day ahead, school, appointments, never ending tasks,…but that’s okay,…it’s just another Monday! And pssst,…we don’t ever have to face Mondays alone! ❤️

Psalms 54:4

Surely God is my help;

the Lord is the one who sustains me.

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