Taking On Time

What’s up? Our newest work-in-progress a homeschool classroom timeline is in the assembly stage!!!

Painter tape works brilliantly to hold everything in place until everything is ready for more permanent adhesion!

This timeline will wrap around 30+ feet of wall space illustrating from creation to 2019,…so it’s safe to say it’s a big project, but very important. Our little guy is a visual learner and the abstract concept of ancient time periods is a challenge to communicate,…thus this Mama is willing to do all the research, designing, printing, laminating, and assembling with an eye toward future lessons where we can pinpoint events in our timeline.

Of course we realize this extreme approach is not for everyone, but for us it works,…and happily I’ll be able to make all the timeline labels available in pdf form on our new educational website, which is the next big project in the works as we plan to share our educational journey.

Just a reminder that “this” website will also be going through a “renovation” which will include a name change that reflects a broader creative outlet,…yes books are still in the works, but I am also an artist and educator,…so stay tuned!

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