Summer Is Nearly Here

June is always hot enough to be summer,…you forget it isn’t “officially” until the end of the month.

Very excited about Affinity Publisher, which is to be launched on the 20th. Already signed up for a pre-sale as this software program is a viable alternative to Adobe Indesign. Hurrah! We can now get back on track with formatting books for publication, which is not a hard task, but a VERY meticulous one, that requires the correct tools. So again Hurrah!

Also reminder that “this” website will be undergoing a change,…there will be more articles on writing/illustration/publishing, plus a completely new website is in the making with a focus on all things educational as I am creating all this content for my little guy, anyway, might as well share it.

How to accomplish so much multitasking? Not on my own, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Kinda like a vine in our garden only able to grow because of the supporting stalk providing nutrients as tendrils are sent out, blossoms bloom, and fruit begins to form.

Have a blessed day!

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