Lost In The Land Of Adjectives

Hello,…did you think I was lost? Well I was down in the depths of a grammar well!

Shall we parse adjectives? I’ve certainly been up to my neck in them.

“Why?” you inquire, and I reply, “Love.”

No, I am not in love with grammar, although I am inordinately fond of all things wordy.

Grammar for me, as a writer is rather fluid. I’ve always felt one was free to break every grammar rule they please, but only if they know what rule they are breaking.

No my love is that rather fierce mother-love one feels for their child, and consequently the love the Lord feels for you is a zillion times infinity stronger. Think: Easter!!!

Homeschooling here, a child on the spectrum, a very bright child, I might add, and when one introduces a subject to said child, one had best have ALL their grammar ducks in a row.

Or would that be kittens in a row?

Lots of things being lined up in rows this Spring,…including a new website that will have,…don’t be shocked,…an educational focus.

Share the love. Share the research. Share the kittens!

Stay tuned! ❤️

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