Work In Progress April 2019

Does Parts of Speech practice count as writing? My little guy and I certainly got creative! Learning should always be FUN!!!

Writing for me is always fun! Even editing is fun, tedious fun at times, but always something I want to do.

Set backs have been a theme for this past winter! That lingering flu, our computer dying, and all the catch up both episodes have created!

Spring is finally here, I am well and my new computer is fully functional. We went from Mac to PC so there is a bit of maneuvering to get all my files transferred.

Thankfully I am back in editing mode for Affinity For Food,…so the production clock is ticking once again!!!

Set backs are never fun, but trusting in the Lord means accepting that ALL things work for the ultimate good,…even unexpected set backs!!!

Back to Parts of Speech and editing for me! Hope YOU have a blessed weekend! ❤️

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