Shall We Consider Sloths?


Have you given much thought to sloths lately?

Don’t feel bad,…except for the hilarious DMV caricatures in Zootopia I haven’t ever given sloths a second thought myself. But it’s funny the stuff you don’t know about your extended family. Looking to encourage someone,…needing encouragement I recently discovered they love sloths.

Can’t say I’ve ever sketched a sloth, or even ever thought to spend my precious (and carefully rationed) sketching time to sloths, but for the past six weeks I’ve had extra time on my hands. Shall we all say bedrest? Thankfully the long-lingering bronchitis is on the run,…whoo-hoo, or rather PRAISE THE LORD,…so grateful to feel better!!! But back to sloths.

What do sloths have to recommend themselves? They don’t scamper around like squirrels,…and they’re not exactly cute like kittens. Their very name is a term of denigration, and their excessively slow actions or lack of actions are openly mocked. Let’s get real, no one is going to name a sports car after the species. The poor arboreal mammals have weak eyesight, and their hearing isn’t much better. Aside from their camouflage of algae, they have utterly no defenses. Seemingly they don’t contribute much to their environment, yet,…they exist.

For whatever reason the LORD obviously felt the universe would be imperfect without these gentle creatures.

Sloths do have a few things going for them. With their curved claws they have the amazing ability to live their lives upside down,…and with their long arms they are unexpectedly strong swimmers.


I was,…the things you don’t know,…but sloths can actually hold their breath under water for 40 minutes thanks to their ultra slow metabolism, which probably comes in very useful if they are trying to avoid predators.

Sloths hunt,…nothing. They have no agenda, but to hang around,…nibbling leaves. It’s a tough job, but someone has to grow that algae, which makes up its own small ecosystem. It’s safe to say sloths are very comfortable,…being sloths. Totally trusting the LORD for protection and provision.

Notice the coloring on sloths features,…that mouth marking,…smiles. No matter upside down, or crawling tree limb to tree limb,…a sloth is calm,…peaceful,…accepting what each day brings,…with a gentle smile.

Jungles, like the 21st century,  can be a madhouse hive of activity,…chattering birds flitting here and there,…chirping frogs,…troops of monkeys,…jaguars,…and bugs galore! Yet, sloths aren’t about to be hurried out of their unique existence. They weren’t made to be fast, or productive, or even yet excessively social. They are what they are,…perfectly formed,…not a mistake,…not without their own gentle dignity.

In a world so obsessed with ‘self-worth’  there seems to be a real lesson to be found in sloths. For whatever reason the LORD obviously felt the universe would be imperfect without these gentle creatures. It begs to reason,…why are we here? Obvious the LORD felt the universe would be incomplete without us,…without me,…without YOU.

The world demands we justify our existence,…our worth, but to the LORD our existence is proof enough,…our worth is priceless.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,”
Psalm 139:14    

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