New Beginnings


Home school starts for us this week,…new beginnings.
Our little guy is admiring big brother’s basketball trophy at our affiliate private school,…’cause here’s the big secret about home schoolers,…they ain’t home, much. There are classes to take, clubs to participate in, sports, and just plain ol’ social gatherings where everyone is included and valued. With so many extracurricular activities it takes discipline to get the academic work completed.

Blessed serendipity for us,…academics is our little guy’s ‘thing’! Maps are his delight, and right now he’s happily memorizing all his math facts, just for fun!
Yeah, I know it amazes us, too.
Of course, communication, thanks to apraxia, is our real challenge, but our little guy has made sooooo much progress. When Isaac began Kindergarten,…he couldn’t speak!!!! And now,…oh my goodness our little guy has made so much progress. Our chatterbox always has something to say about everything!

So where is Mama’s writing in this?
Good question, and one that deserves answering.
To date, Becoming Portia – New Beginnings is available on Amazon – paperback and ebook.


Affinity For Food, a short story collection (food fiction) is slated for the next publication, but there has been a hiccup with Createspace and Kindle Publishing as they have surprise, surprise, unexpectedly merged, and I understand from other indie-authors the website is log-jammed as the switch isn’t going as smoothly as hoped.
The merger doesn’t affect Becoming Portia – New Beginnings, but for new productions, it’s going to either take longer or perhaps, and let’s be hopeful, be quicker. Becoming Portia – New Beginnings took so long to publish because it clocks in at 340 pages,…making it a honking big book, and a great value if you like a long lasting story with plenty of plot twists and turns. Affinity For Food, and Maxim’s Mermaid,…next up, are not nearly as long, so production should be quicker. One hopes. The gist, is that Affinity For Food will be out as quickly as I can edit, format and upload,…between science projects, 4H club meetings, math discovery, and literary adventures. Oh, and spelling, too. Not to mention,…therapy stuff.

With so much to do,…why bother writing?
I am a writer. Writers, write. And then self-publish,…it’s the wave of the future. Almost as important as the Gutenberg Bible,…which was a huge a new beginning in the literary world,…making the Bible available to the masses. Now in the 21st century new authors have a means of letting their voices be heard. Perhaps not every book is meant to be a best seller, but every book has value.
Just like every person has value. 

Thankfully that’s a lesson our little guy already knows. For the rest we’re trusting in the LORD for the direction of our youngest son’s academic school year,…and Mama’s writing career.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8

Any new beginnings in your life or career?

God bless and keep you!

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