Memorial Day Weekend 2018



Remembering my father this Memorial Day weekend,…can’t believe he’s been gone for six years!
My Daddy was a great story teller,…and it’s a shame he never penned any of his amazing tales, for he could make something as mundane as sweeping the front steps into a hilarious epic drama! Oh my Daddy was funny,…funny,….oh so funny,…and he had a great laugh,…infectiously joyous! Only Daddy never had time for literature, aside from reading, and he was a most avid reader! Despite having so much talent, Daddy put us, his family, before any other ambition for he was a very hard working, small business man, who ran a small convenience store, when once upon a time, small convenience stores were actually privately owned and operated! It wasn’t a mogul operation, but it was a living to support his five children, a couple of cousins, a few friends, and anyone else who showed up to the small ranch-style house we called home.
Daddy knew about all my creative bents, writing and art, and culinary adventures, which was his favorite of the three, because my Daddy was a foodie, before the term foodie was coined, but Daddy didn’t love me because I could put pen to paper or bring vision to an illustration, or even yet (and his favorite) whip up an inventive meal. Daddy loved me,…for me,…which meant I never had to be perfect, because it didn’t matter if I couldn’t get my characters to follow my plot, or my poem to rhyme, or my paint splotches to cooperate, or even yet my cornbread to rise,…I was still Daddy’s girl.

How much more so does our spiritual father love us?

Seriously,…the LORD knows we’re not perfect,…that we mess up,…make mistakes,…sin. But our defects didn’t keep Calvary from happening,…our defects are exactly why the cross became our salvation. That takes fatherly love to a new dimension!

“For God so loved the world, he gave his one and only son, so that whosoever believes in him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

May you have a safe and blessed Memorial Weekend!

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