Seeking significance?

Wondering, “Why am I,…in this place,…in this time,…in this season,…of my life?”

To reach others,…of course.

“If you can’t feed a hundred,…feed one,” – Mother Teresa. 

There are people in your life,…that only you can connect to,…only you can offer a helping hand,…a loving word,…an understanding ear.

“Love never fails.” – 1 Corinthians 13:8

Truly you can gain the entire world, do great feats, move mountains into the sea,…but if you don’t have love,…it’s all for naught.

So seeking significance? Like Dorothy, perhaps,…on a dangerous quest in a strange land,…searching for what’s in your own backyard?

Click you heels,…and know, “There’s no place like home,…there’s no place like home.”

Why you are,…where you are,…at this time and place can only be answered by the knowledge that you were brought to this place, this home, this work, this school, this point in time,…for ‘…such a time as this.’ – Esther 4:14

So bloom where you are planted,…and ‘let all you do,…be done in love.’ 


Until I post again,…may God bless and keep you!






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