Autism, Climbing Higher



Autism is a hill to climb for those diagnosed with the developmental disorder, which is so specifically individualized and so vast upon a spectrum that if you’ve seen one individual with Autism,…you’ve only seen that individual’s type of Autism.

Our eight year old son, Isaac was diagnosed with Apraxia and flagged for Autism six years ago in 2012. After a year of testing the Autism diagnosis was confirmed. There is much we’ve learned in the past six years about Autism, about our son, about society, and most of all about ourselves.

The gift of Autism is that is strips down life to the bare essentials, which means my son seems to have a better handle on humanity than society at large. To my son,…you are you, and I am me,…and hello,…what else is really important?

Our little guy doesn’t have time for social hang-ups,…he’s too busy living his life, and having fun. Oh yes,…there are those pesky social skills to be learned, and academics to be mastered while dealing with communication challenges, and a future of unknowns to face. But if our son has taught us anything in the past eight years,…it is how to live in the moment.

We’re grateful for Autism Awareness. It’s nice to know others care for our children, and have compassion for our families.

Let’s be clear,…Autism is a hill to climb, there is no avoiding it, nor tunneling, or even yet airily flying over in a hot air balloon. The only way across is on foot,…one step at a time.

That climb can be very isolating, and exhausting: emotionally and physically.
Sleep is rare and fleeting for most children on the spectrum and their parents. Security is always a concern, children on the spectrum can be fearless and prone to wander. Food and sensory issues can be baffling for the children and parents, and sanitary issues,…those are challenges that cannot be ignored or wished away – only faced with dignity and determination and an overwhelming love for your child.

If only the climb were a day-outing without having to trudge along with baggage.

What baggage?


Financial worries, more on this in a moment.

Social hang-ups, not yours or your child’s, but society’s,…and ‘those’ people who like to hurl rocks to make the difficult ascent more difficult,…cause they can,…as if you’d actually want your child to be ‘their’ version of typical. Ha!

No sugar coating Autism,…it’s tough, there is no cure, and therapy is outrageously expensive.

Note: Mama steps upon soap box.

Let’s be frank,…Autism takes a huge financial toll,…especially as there is a therapy racket. When it cost $2500+ a month for tuition for special needs programs that’s some serious bucks lining someone’s pockets at the expensive our children. If you have the money for therapy that’s great, or can qualify for benefits for all too few slots that’s swell, too, but way too many children from middle and lower middle income families fall through the cracks,…and that’s not acceptable.

Society is ultimately judge how it treats its most vulnerable citizens, and there is no one more vulnerable than a special needs child.

Stepping off soap box.

Plain speaking is good, and it can make you feel better, but talk without action is useless.

Education is key for Autism.

Awareness is a great place to start,…and early intervention is essential! And then it’s therapy,…therapy,…therapy,…and that’s where parents of special needs children really need the support and education to help us, help our children.

Hello, our children need therapy,…Autism doesn’t go away like hiccups, and parents need to know how to apply therapy methods to their child’s challenges,…and that’s not information you can get out of a crackerjack box.

There is nothing more challenging then learning how to deal with a child with Autism, while dealing with a child with Autism.

Six years ago while researching Autism trying to learn everything I could,…I came across a blog post, or was it a comment to a blog post. I don’t even remember,…that time was such a blur,…but I remember the woman wrote that the first eight years with her son on the spectrum were the most difficult,…but extensive therapy had helped her son and her,…and now he was an absolute delight,…still with challenges,…yes,…but there was in their life,…joy.

What a life line that was six years ago.
What hope.

Yes, Autism is a hill to climb, but each step only makes you and your child,…stronger. And you’re not always alone,…one: the LORD WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU,…and two: there are those selfless guides,…teachers, therapists, speech pathologists, ect, who choose to work with our children,…they point to way to each way station, where there are individuals like YOU,…who care about our children,…who volunteer, give funds, give of yourself, wear bright blue,…and help our children know that Autism is cool.

So are the views from high on the hill of Autism.

The air is clear up here,…you can see society so much better. And what’s really important in life.

Six years later, our son is not typical,…and we have real challenges to face, but he is a delight,…an absolute delight,…and an absolute joy. Check out that sunshine grin!

The higher we’ve climbed we’ve learned it’s a blessing to have no social hang-ups, thus we can enjoy the gift of Autism

You are you,
I am me,
and hello,
what else is really important? 


Until I post again,…may God bless and keep you!




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